Orange Esports Reborn vs EVOS

Week 1 was a mixed bag for EVOS, taking down Todak but losing to Geek Fam. Despite the inconsistency, their new Marksman Pokemon shows promise, able to play his role well.

Debuting with a mixed performance (1 win 1 loss), Orange Esports Reborn’s (OE) playstyle is reliant on late-game carries. This makes EVOS capable of overrunning Orange if the Malaysian team doesn’t adapt to EVOS’ early aggression.

Orange Esports Reborn vs Resurgence

It’s harder to predict this match-up, though Resurgence (RSG) is still favoured to win.

While RSG has only faced MPL newbies Siren Clan in S5 so far, their past performance indicates a high level of consistency. RSG is always able to put in a good performance regardless of circumstances, even if they’re not the strongest Singaporean team.

The top 5 picks and bans of the Regular Season week 1.

The Shooting Star: Gone Astray?

Todak vs Resurgence

Normally Todak would be favoured to win, having defeated RSG a few times before. But Todak seems to be in disarray, while RSG are off to a great start.

Todak has failed to utilise the advantages that allowed them to dominate previously: adaptability and unconventional tactics.

Without those aces up their sleeve, Todak isn’t quite as threatening. The verdict isn’t out if they should have made changes to their squad. However, this match against RSG, an equally adaptable team, will be crucial if they are to salvage their dismal start to the season. 

Old Grudges Resurfacing

Team SMG vs Team Bosskurr

Last season, on the brink of elimination, Shopee Bosskurr swept XPAX X-Assins to secure a Playoffs spot.

With the XPAX players joining Team SMG, that rematch is here. Will Bosskurr be able to tap into that desperate energy to bring forth a good performance?

Their Week 1 performance wasn’t very reassuring, despite Geek Fam’s 2ez4Jepv joining the team. Meanwhile, SMG showcased good drafting and gameplay skills in their match against OE, with their marksman Smooth being a player to look out for.

Team SMG vs Notorious Villains

Based on SMG’s match against OE, the odds of this match seem to be in SMG’s favour, if only slightly.

Notorious Villains (NV), like SMG, have been hovering in the middle of the standings since their respective debuts. They defeated Todak last week thanks to a Qiann-inspired performance, but it might speak more of Todak’s careless mistakes. This match against SMG will be another important test. 

Axis Esports vs Notorious Villains

Axis Esports is yet another strong team that got off to a bad start this season.

Against their former captain Silo (leading OE), Axis floundered, possibly due to Silo being able to read them easily and adapt his team’s tactics to match.

While Axis did defeat Siren Clan in their second match, it’s clear they weren’t at their best in W1.

Still, that’s no reason to write them off. With Loong and Rynn as playmakers, Axis has pulled out unexpected wins time and again. In fact, they were the ones who eliminated NV during the S4 Playoffs.

Surging Forward, Falling Back

Geek Fam vs Siren Clan

Geek Fam (GF) is surging forward with renewed strength after defeating Bosskurr and EVOS SG, while Siren Clan has been struggling to merely stay afloat.

It’s likely that Siren’s losing streak will continue, owing to the inexperience of their players.

GF had their fair share of troubles last season too, after a major roster swap that saw the addition of OZORAVEKI and Rumpel, but they seem to have overcome it and are working well together.

Those players are valuable additions to the current team, which has shown itself to be highly adaptive, easily switching gears from aggression to a late-game playstyle, while also out-drafting their opponents.

Catch week 2 of the MPL-MY/SG Season 5 live on the MLBB Facebook page on 7 and 8 March.