Resurgence vs Geek Fam

Up till now, neither team has lost a single match.

On one hand, GF are known as the Singapore slayers, skilled at adapting and countering the tactics Singaporean teams usually use (mainly hyper-aggressive starts). They delivered a crushing 2-0 defeat to EVOS SG on Week 1, after all. 

On the other hand, RSG has proven themselves equally adaptable, able to switch tactics when one isn’t working.

Simultaneously phoenixes as well as chameleons, this is a match to look out for.

A Downward Turn for SMG

Team SMG vs Resurgence

While SMG started the season off well, they seem to have run up against a wall.

Last week saw them suffering two 0-2 losses (versus EVOS SG and Geek Fam), a downward trend that may continue this week against RSG.

There’s a high chance that SMG’s overreliance on funnelling gold to Smooth will backfire. If RSG can put the pressure on him, and he fails to gain a gold lead, the entire strategy crumbles.

Axis Esports vs Team SMG

On the flipside, SMG still has some room to breathe. While Axis Esports isn’t doing too badly, the former champions definitely aren’t up to their usual standards, throwing away otherwise-winnable games through bad plays and decisions.

There’s no guarantee of victory, of course, and SMG would be wise to not underestimate them.

Can Todak Patch the Leak?

Todak vs Axis Esports

No mincing words about it: Todak has been performing terribly. From a team that came in 2nd last season and made it to the M1 quarterfinals (when even EVOS SG dropped out in Groups!), losing nearly every match 3 weeks in a row is a step down.

Todak’s players aren’t bad by any means, they’ve just failed to adapt to the current meta and are out of practice.

Still, their defeat of Bosskurr was a good turnaround. This week, Axis Esports presents a bigger challenge, especially with the star players Loong and Rynn in the team, who’ve been known to make unexpected game-changing plays.

Todak vs Orange Esports Reborn

OE may be an easier opponent, as they’ve been underperforming themselves after an initial explosive debut. But that’s no room for complacency. Silo, with his wealth of experience, still poses a formidable threat. There’s also their marksman Mal, whom we saw pull off some crazy plays versus Notorious Villains in Week 3.

Finding Redemption

Team Bosskurr vs EVOS SG

Bosskurr is yet another underperformer. While justifiable, as they’ve never been top-tier, that doesn’t mean these former crowd favourites can’t improve.

EVOS SG may put a stop to their ambitions, though.

Despite some blunders here and there, like mispositioning in fights, the Singaporean team is generally a well-oiled machine. Bosskurr’s rather disorganized playstyle isn’t a good fit, especially when dealing with aggressive opponents.

Team Bosskurr vs Notorious Villains

Underperformer versus underperformer, who will win? The one who makes less mistakes. That’s likely to be Bosskurr, as NV has pretty much crashed and burned this season. Even the newbies Siren Clan were able to defeat them!

NV seems utterly uncoordinated, even more so than Bosskurr. While they did defeat Todak in Week 1, that’s been their only claim to fame so far.

Orange Esports Reborn vs Siren Clan

Speaking of Siren Clan, that game against NV was a good way to break their losing streak. Arguably, though, they won in part due to NV shooting themselves in the foot with silly mistakes

This match could go either way, since both are newbie teams with a few experienced players (Silo for OE, Ambuste and Azura for Siren) in the mix.