A Potential Reversal of Fortunes?


Since the beginning of Season 5, Team SMG has been dominating the ladder. This week, though, that winning streak may be at risk.

While EVOS hasn’t been living up to their past standards -they were Season 4’s champions after all- and have struggled a bit this season, the Singaporean tigers are still a force to be reckoned with. Their highly aggressive, methodical play-style tends to overwhelm Malaysian teams used to slower games.

Notably, we’ll get to see a battle of star marksmen, between SMG’s Smooth and the rookie Pokemon from EVOS.

Geek Fam vs Team SMG

Another potential streak-breaker comes in the form of Geek Fam, Season 3’s champions. Under Xorn, they seem to have regained their footing, and are currently at #2 on the standings.

The current GF is highly adaptable, and their overwhelming victory against EVOS in week 1 shows that these former champions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Still, SMG’s players (formerly XPAX-Assins) have experience going up against GF, so they’re at least familiar with the team’s tactics, and have the skills to match.

Geek Fam vs Axis Esports

In a match of former champions, who comes out on top? It looks to be GF. Sitting at 2 wins 1 loss, Axis Esports hasn’t done badly, but can definitely step up their game. Against GF’s methodical play, Axis will need to focus on their own coordination and teamwork as well.

That’s no reason for GF to get complacent of course. With Loong and Rynn on their side, Axis has been known to pull off cleanly executed plays and unexpected comebacks.


Team Bosskurr vs Todak

Both teams have had disappointing performances so far. While it’s understandable in Bosskurr’s case, as they’ve not been dominant in a long time, Todak’s poor performance this season is mind-boggling.

Like Bosskurr and Siren Clan, Todak hasn’t won a single match this season, and are seemingly unfamiliar with the current meta. While Bosskurr hasn’t shown results either, winning 2 out of 4 games puts them in a more favourable position to win.

Orange Esports Reborn vs Notorious Villains

Orange Esports and Notorious Villains are higher up on the totem pole, but week 2 was rough for these teams.

OE looked promising under Silo’s leadership, but their Week 1 debut wasn’t great, and since then it’s all been downhill. NV, on the other hand, has always struggled to rise out of the mid-tier despite numerous roster changes over the seasons.

This match is both an opportunity and a risk, with the winner redeeming themselves while the loser falls further.

Team Bosskurr vs Axis Esports

This match seems to be in Axis Esports’ favour.

Bosskurr is capable of playing well in desperate situations, of course, but in the end, nothing trumps disciplined play and consistency, which Axis Esports has displayed numerous times in their matches.

Siren Clan’s Downward Spiral

Siren Clan vs Notorious Villains

Sitting at the bottom of the ladder, Siren Clan has been unable to win a single game, let alone any matches. The players all seem to have very poor coordination and timing, and struggle to even work together.

Against NV, it’s very likely this poor performance will continue.

Notably, there’s some history between these teams, with Ambuste and Azura being in the same team as Kolia before in NARA and last season’s Notorious Villains roster. This likely won’t influence the outcome much, though.

Siren Clan vs EVOS SG

Against EVOS SG, the outcome is likely the same, with EVOS occupying an even higher rank than NV. Their aggressive play-style is a poor fit for Siren Clan, given Siren’s lack of ability to react to aggression so far, which usually ends in their team getting wiped out.