A Preview of the Playoffs

After 6 gruelling weeks of competition (plus a 3-week break due to the coronavirus situation), 8 teams have made it into the Playoffs. Upper Bracket RSG vs Bosskurr – David and Goliath Despite struggling early on in the season, Bosskurr managed to claw their way back up in Week 5, edging Orange Esports Reborn and SMG out to enter the Upper Bracket. For a team that’s been struggling ever since star player Fredo left, that’s a big feat to achieve. With Leixia in the team, Bosskurr is capable of dishing out heavy damage to turn fights around. Now another obstacle…

by Moonton
April 27, 2020

Resurgence, EVOS SG, Geek Fam: Safe at the Top

These three teams are in no danger of losing their upper bracket spots, as the minimum score to beat is 11 points, which only one other team (Orange Esports) is capable of achieving, assuming a 3-0 score for each of their 4 games. Still, the Week 5 outcomes for these top achievers will determine their matchups, so they may want to try harder (or slack off) if they’re aiming for specific opponents. Resurgence vs Notorious Villains Resurgence is basically untouchable at #1. They’ve demonstrated incredible teamwork and discipline this season, a step up from their previous performance, and haven’t lost…

by Moonton
April 15, 2020

Geek Fam and Resurgence – Two Phoenixes Clash

Resurgence vs Geek Fam Up till now, neither team has lost a single match. On one hand, GF are known as the Singapore slayers, skilled at adapting and countering the tactics Singaporean teams usually use (mainly hyper-aggressive starts). They delivered a crushing 2-0 defeat to EVOS SG on Week 1, after all.  On the other hand, RSG has proven themselves equally adaptable, able to switch tactics when one isn’t working. Simultaneously phoenixes as well as chameleons, this is a match to look out for. A Downward Turn for SMG Team SMG vs Resurgence While SMG started the season off well,…

by Moonton
Mac 18, 2020

Reversal of Fortunes, and a Downward Spiral

A Potential Reversal of Fortunes? Team SMG vs EVOS SG Since the beginning of Season 5, Team SMG has been dominating the ladder. This week, though, that winning streak may be at risk. While EVOS hasn’t been living up to their past standards -they were Season 4’s champions after all- and have struggled a bit this season, the Singaporean tigers are still a force to be reckoned with. Their highly aggressive, methodical play-style tends to overwhelm Malaysian teams used to slower games. Notably, we’ll get to see a battle of star marksmen, between SMG’s Smooth and the rookie Pokemon from…

by Moonton
Mac 11, 2020

Facing Down Titans

Orange Esports Reborn vs EVOS Week 1 was a mixed bag for EVOS, taking down Todak but losing to Geek Fam. Despite the inconsistency, their new Marksman Pokemon shows promise, able to play his role well. Debuting with a mixed performance (1 win 1 loss), Orange Esports Reborn’s (OE) playstyle is reliant on late-game carries. This makes EVOS capable of overrunning Orange if the Malaysian team doesn’t adapt to EVOS’ early aggression. Orange Esports Reborn vs Resurgence It’s harder to predict this match-up, though Resurgence (RSG) is still favoured to win. While RSG has only faced MPL newbies Siren Clan…

by Moonton
Mac 5, 2020