1. MPL MY/SG Season 5 Regular Season will be resume on 10th April according to the tournament schedule have been set by MPL Official, and it will be conducted with 2 weeks for all the players. All issue that had sated by players and teams, MPL Official would like to solved it and player/ teams need to be conducted.
  2. MPL official require all players obey all policy include the Restriction of Movement from Malaysia’s government and policy from Singapore’s government regarding to case of COVID-19. Any non-compliance of players will be punished by MPL Official, include deduct points/give monetary penalty/forfeit the game.
  3. The team will need to submit a list of player names of who will be present in the room throughout the game and only those with the name listed may enter the room. Throughout the game, the coach, manager are not allow within side of players. Beside each teammate, players are not allowed to converse face to face while the game still ongoing. If there have any found through the footage, teams/ players will be punished by MPL Official.
  4. All Teams/Players MUST conduct a video call with MPL Official through third- party software which is ZOOM while the matches are live.
  5. The ZOOM have to turned on 15 minutes before the match, and has to continue running until the match is over. The ZOOM can be turned off only after the last game is done, and the players show the end screen towards the ZOOM for 5 seconds.
  6. All team managers are responsible to make sure that all ZOOM are working throughout the matches and that the footage of the matches will be available for submission. MPL official will be checking if the video submission time-stamp aligns with the match timing.
  7. Both team’s managers will need to enter a voice call (DISCORD) 15 minutes before the match with the League Ops in one room at all times, until the match is over and the League Ops confirms that the call can be turned off.
  8. If there are technical problems, the player will relay the technical problem to the League Ops in the call and if the issue is legitimate, the League Ops will instruct the OB to pause the game. Only the player with the technical problem and the manager is allowed to talk.
  9. Players are not allowed to wear earphones during matches. This is to prevent players receive third party information from a voice call platform. Players are also not allowed to wear anything that may obstruct the view in video call (such as masks, sunglasses, etc).
  10. The players will need to show their phone screen to the ZOOM in front of them for 5 seconds at the following points:
    • When they are in the game lobby.
    • When they are in loading screen.
    • When the game is over at the victory/defeat screen
  11. Any dispute will have to be done AFTER the series is over and within 3 hour, the MPL Officials would provide a respond within 24 hour and all decision will be made by the MPL Officials. Any dispute submitted after the mention period will not be entertained.

    Notes: Refer to the image below for laptop camera and room set up and positioning.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The team is responsible for the stability of their own internet connection and device, as well as maintaining the observatory Laptop cameras condition.
  2. If there is an issue with a legitimate reason to remake, the remake will only be done if the game has been going on for 7 minutes or less. Otherwise, the winner of the game will be determined through points calculation.
  3. If the players experiences any problems (including internet and device issues), it has to be reported during the game. After the game is over, any complaints will not be accepted, and the results will not be affected.
  4. Players are not allowed to receive any information throughout the game from any third party.
  5. If the team violates the rules, the MPL official will deduct points/give monetary penalty/forfeit the game.