Week 3 of the Regular Season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Season 5 (MPL-MY/SG S5), with Yoodo as its official digital telco, ended with Geek Fam and EVOS SG extending their unbeaten runs, near the bottom of the standings, four teams are in a desperate battle to avoid elimination from at the Regular Season stage.

Changing Fate

Siren Clan 2-0 Notorious Villains

Siren Clan finally turned their losing streak around. In their match against Notorious Villains, the Kolia-led team were disorganised. By 10 minutes, Game 1’s score was 4-13 in favour of Siren, who stormed to an emphatic victory. 

NV’s poor performance carried over into Game 2, where they shot themselves in the foot (for example, failing to buy Necklace of Durance against Siren’s healing line-up). Credit where credit is due, Babayaga played a major damage-dealing role in the series, especially on his Karrie in Game 2 with an 8/1/3 KDA score.

Team Bosskurr 1-2 Todak

Both teams started the day on the same ground – yet to win a match. Game 1 was a drawn-out affair, but ultimately, Cikuuuu’s Wanwan made a mistake and was caught by Logan’s Kaja. It forced Todak into a teamfight which they lost, thus allowing Bosskurr to seal the game.

But Todak wasn’t about to give up. Games 2 and 3 saw them going on the offensive, winning primarily with the help of Xrayyyy (Leomord, Chou), Moonnnnn (Selena, Cecilion), and Cikuuuu (Ling, Karrie).

The Unforgiving Mountain Peak

EVOS SG 2-0 Siren Clan

EVOS SG continued their stable performance, dismantling Siren Clan even though they made mistakes, like overcommitting to fights. Siren weren’t able to gain the decisive edge in Game 1, with EVOS’ Fossa, playing his Kimmy to near perfection with a 7/3/15 KDA score.

Game 2 saw EVOS turn up the heat, and they took control right from the get-go. Game 1 was close, dragging out to 24 mins 30 secs; Game 2 took ended in about half that time – 12 mins 31 secs. 

EVOS SG 2-0 Team SMG

SMG finally had their streak broken. In Game 1 against EVOS, the Malaysians were forced to play defensively. SMG could barely muster a fight, despite funnelling gold to Marksman Smooth.

They fought back in Game 2, but EVOS showed incredible discipline in prioritising objectives over greedy farming, they methodically claimed tower after tower in a low kill-score game, successfully suffocating SMG. 

Geek Fam 2-0 Axis Esports

Geek Fam had a solid game plan for Game 1, banning out some of Axis Esports’ best heroes (Kaiser’s Jawhead and Lacid’s Valir). By 8 minutes, the score was at 2-10, and OZORAVEKI (Claude) was at level 14 while Axis’ players weren’t even at level 8!

Loong, usually a main damage-dealer for Axis, could barely farm under the pressure. The same situation happened in Game 2, with Xorn dominating Axis on his Ling (10/1/4) to end the game 16-3 in only 9 minutes.

Geek Fam 2-0 Team SMG

Game 1 started evenly, but dragging it on was SMG’s downfall. GF slowly cemented their advantage in the late game, with Xorn’s Ling proving to be a menace again in the 24-minute game. The opposite happened in Game 2 as the Season 3 champions crushed SMG quickly with early dominance and a 6/2/13 score on OZORAVEKI’s Karrie.

Things Fall Apart for Villains and Axis

Orange Esports Reborn 2-0 Notorious Villains

Notorious Villains are in a major slump. Game 1 saw Orange Esports completely destroying them as Mal (Granger) punished the Singaporean team’s impulsive play.

Game 2 devolved into a series of skirmishes, with both sides making numerous mistakes, such as bad positioning. The game dragged to 20 minutes because neither team could assert enough control. 

Nevertheless, Orange managed to ace a final late-game fight, which finally brought NV down. It’s worth highlighting a crazy 1v4 play from Mal on Karrie, where he turned Diggie’s (played by Kolia) Time Rewind to escape instead of getting caught, also securing two kills as a bonus.

Team Bosskurr 2-1 Axis Esports

Axis fell even further against Team Bosskurr, another team in search of redemption after two weeks of fruitless performances. 

While Game 1 saw Axis winning quickly in 12 minutes, Games 2 and 3 were in the bag for Bosskurr, with the Leixia-Rush Marksman-Mage duo playing a pivotal role in securing kills. Notably, Leixia had an impactful 9/2/4 score on Karrie in Game 3!