Week 1 of MPL–MY/SG’s Season 5 Regular Season begins this weekend. With 10 teams battling to fill the 8 Playoffs spots, there’s bound to be intense matches over these six weeks.

New Blood versus Veterans

Orange Esports Reborn vs Axis Esports (29 Feb, Saturday)

There’s some history behind this matchup, as Silo used to be the captain of Saiyan Reborn in S2, leading his underdog players to claim the championship. He left the team after S2, and Saiyan Reborn rebranded itself as Axis Esports.

Now, Silo’s marking his re-entry into the pro scene by leading Orange Esports Reborn, a team of new players. It’s fitting that their first match will be against his old squad.

Team SMG vs Orange Esports (1 Mar, Sunday)

That’s not the only veteran team OE’s facing. They’ll also be battling Team SMG, a team with 5 out of 6 players from the previous XPAX X-Assins.

Both teams performed well in the recent qualifiers, but Team SMG has the advantage in terms of experience. Still, Silo’s track record with turning underdog teams into winners means SMG can’t underestimate his new team.

Siren Clan vs Resurgence (29 Feb, Saturday)

On the Singaporean side, the newbie team Siren Esports is up against Resurgence. Aside from Azura (formerly Notorious Villains) and Ambuste (formerly NARA Esports), Siren Clan consists of newer players. Nevertheless, they’ve proven their strength in the qualifiers.

RSG, on the other hand, is a veteran team, with three players from the now-disbanded Bigetron SG (S1 champions). Their members have all been in the scene for a long time and are no pushovers.

Siren Clan vs Axis Esports (1 Mar, Sunday)

And of course, Siren’s 2nd match of the week will see them going against Axis Esports, another titan.

Despite being unable to replicate their S2 win, Axis is still incredibly skilled, and their players (like Rynn and Loong) are known for making game-winning plays. It’ll be tough for Siren, but they have potential too.

Old Rivals

EVOS SG vs Todak (29 Feb, Saturday)

In a throwback to Season 4’s Playoffs, these two teams will clash again. S4 saw Todak’s rising star appear out of nowhere. Triumphing over other crowd favourite teams, their streak was ultimately broken by EVOS in a gruelling 5-game final match, where the Singaporean team ultimately proved better.

Now, both teams have returned to clash once more, and the weight of past performances is heavy on their backs.

Notorious Villains vs Todak (1 Mar, Sunday)

Fortunately for Todak, they have some room to breathe, and this match should prove somewhat more even.

While NV did face Todak a few times, the advantage of experience still lies with Todak. Nevertheless, NV has proven time and again to be a tricky team regardless of their roster. Todak would do well to still be cautious.

EVOS SG vs Geek Fam (1 Mar, Sunday)

EVOS has to deal with not one, but TWO grudge matches. Mirroring S3’s finals where EVOS took 2nd place vs Geek Fam, they’ll be going head-to-head again. Undoubtedly, Geek Fam – a team that struggled to maintain their footing in S4 – will want to take EVOS down this time and prove themselves still worthy.

Geek Fam vs Bosskurr (29 Feb, Saturday)

We’ll also be seeing a clash of Geek Fam against Bosskurr.

While they’ve seen better days, both teams still enjoy a lot of support and have tirelessly tried to reinvent themselves in the past few seasons. 2ez4Jepv will be lining up against his former team and sparks are expected to fly. 

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