Orange Esports Reborn Utterly Destroyed

Resurgence 2-0 Orange Esports Reborn

Despite entering the Lower Bracket semi-finals with a good track record, OE fell 0-2 to RSG.

RSG was playing very aggressively in both games, and Game 1 started with OE’s members getting caught out one-by-one due to mispositioning, with RSG diving turrets and going deep into the enemy jungle. RSG snowballed completely out of control with a 25-0 win by 11 minutes.

Game 2 went the same way. OE tried being aggressive, but with clever skill and spell usage, RSG turned fights around. OE’s indecisiveness further hampered their gameplay, and RSG steamrolled them yet again.

A New King is Crowned

Geek Fam 1-3 Resurgence

After four grueling matches, Resurgence are your new MPL champions!

Game 1 saw both sides playing well, showcasing their mechanical and macro skills as they traded kills and tried to deny each other the lead. With Kayzeepi’s Atlas in their lineup, RSG was able to pull off flicker-engages to catch out most GF members, who could barely react before getting thrown into certain death. Combined with Jason’s Pharsa ults, RSG gained an insurmountable lead and rolled over GF.

GF retaliated in Game 2 and drafted Atlas away from RSG. RSG still gained an early lead, but with good Penalty Zone ultimates from OZORAVEKI, combined with Atlas’ skills, GF could turn fights around well. By the midgame, they were too strong to fight off despite RSG’s best efforts to defend.

With both teams having taken 1 game, and GF having the momentum, RSG looked to be on the back foot. GF started Game 3 strongly, trading kills with RSG to cement their lead by the midgame once again. RSG had only 1 outer turret left by this time, but they weren’t about to give up.

They kept fighting back, taking kills wherever they could and defending well. Notably, both teams made small mistakes here and there, though it was more prominent on Geek Fam with their mispositions. One good teamfight by RSG, with the team backing ly4ly4ly4 up, was enough to wipe out GF and allow RSG to push for the win. Credit goes to ly4, as he really showcased what a top-tier marksman player should be like, knowing when to commit while always being in the perfect position to capitalize on his team’s engages.

Game 4 was the deciding game. Both teams started out playing passively, neither willing to risk a bad trade and cede the advantage. That stalemate didn’t last long, though, as GF got impatient. Despite their drafted lineup being more suited for reactive play instead of being proactive (especially with Minsitharr, played by Xorn), the Malaysian squad kept jumping in to engage on RSG while the optimal plan would be waiting for RSG to come to them.

This proved fatal, and a few failed teamfights gave RSG a major snowballing advantage. While GF did pull back, trying to return to their original gameplan, it was too little too late.

Kayzeepi’s Kaja was invaluable in the final game, able to single out vital targets from GF and drag them to his team or deal with them himself.