Week 2 of the Regular Season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Season 5 (MPL-MY/SG S5), with Yoodo as its official digital telco, ended with three teams extending their unbeaten run, whereas Season 4 grand finalist Todak are still struggling to notch their first win of the season. 

Overwhelming Momentum

Geek Fam 2-0 Siren Clan 

Picking up where they left off in Week 1, Geek Fam (GF) continued their domination by scoring an overwhelming win against Siren Clan (Siren). In both games, the Singaporean team seemed confused, unable to find the right timing to engage in fights and take objectives. Game 1 ended in only 11 minutes!

Rumpel’s Franco and OZORAVEKI’s Diggie, the MVP of Game 2, were phenomenal in their supporting roles. While it’s good to see GF regaining their strength after fumbling Season 4, the situation with Siren Clan is worrying. If they don’t improve soon, it’ll be too late to pull up from the brink of elimination.

Resurgence 2-0 Orange Esports

Resurgence (RSG), too, has been crushing the competition with a series of back-to-back clean sweeps. Orange Esports (Orange) were utterly trampled under RSG’s might this week. Game 1 ended 2-23, and Game 2 ended 19-2. Struggling in both drafting as well as gameplay, Orange looked disorganised and fell to RSG, who easily overran them. RSG’s SynC was invaluable, with one highlight being his Pharsa in Game 2 with a 11/1/6 KDA.

Resurgence 2-0 Todak

Todak was yet another victim of RSG’s conquest, continuing their poor start to Season 5. Leading in objectives and gold, Todak had Game 1 nearly in the bag, but some highly disciplined play from RSG forced Todak into making various mistakes. In particular, leaving their own base undefended while pushing led to RSG winning. 

Game 2 saw both teams playing safe. Still, one Lord and a good teamfight was all it took for RSG to topple Todak. Todak has stated their desire to win MPL, MSC and M2, but at this rate, they might not even make it past the Regular Season.

Is Their Best Good Enough?

EVOS SG 2-1 Orange Esports

On Day 2, Orange fell even further. Both teams were in a stalemate in Game 1. Ultimately, Orange made a mistake when contesting Lord, and were down by two players which allowed EVOS to push and win. 

Orange fought back and won Game 2. Unfortunately, they couldn’t win Game 3 thanks to good drafting choices from EVOS, especially LuN’s Diggie who was invaluable in negating Orange’s CC and preventing their escapes. With OhDeerBambi’s Ling scoring 6 kills in the early game, they wrested control of the momentum and brought down Orange.

Notorious Villains 1-2 Axis Esports

Notorious Villains (NV) has been struggling too and looked directionless against Axis Esports (Axis). Axis themselves have been underperforming, though this match was a step in the right direction. Under heavy pressure in Game 1, with Axis having taken most of their turrets, NV crumpled. Winning Game 2 wasn’t enough for NV, and Rynn’s Harith dominated fights in Game 3 to help Axis win.

Team SMG 2-1 Notorious Villains

NV suffered the same fate against Team SMG, who have been doing quite well thus far. In Game 1, NV tried to win early, but SMG dragged the game out and won due to their better late game composition, especially with Smooth’s Hayabusa.

NV was able to secure more kills in Game 2 and take the lead, but in Game 3, their poor drafting proved their downfall. Picking Pharsa (a fragile, long-range siege hero) into diving heroes like Jawhead and Claude was a bad decision on NV’s part. Credit also goes to Raisyaa’s Faramis, who was instrumental in setting up kills for the others.


Team SMG 2-1 Bosskurr

Aside from Siren Clan and Todak, Bosskurr is another team that has been struggling to find their footing. This week was no better, and despite taking 1 game off SMG with a Lord steal, Bosskurr were helpless as they ultimately lost the series 2-1. Despite the presence of 2ez4Jepv (former captain of Geek Fam) in their team, Bosskurr’s performance hasn’t improved.

Stay tuned to week 3 of the MPL-MY/SG Regular Season which takes place on 14 and 15 March.