Week 4 of the Regular Season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Season 5 (MPL-MY/SG S5), with Yoodo as its official digital telco, ended with Resurgence maintaining an impressive 6-0 record whereas fellow leaders Geek Fam and EVOS SG lose ground. Team Bosskurr and Todak showed marked improvement to climb out of the bottom two and stand a better chance of progressing to the Playoffs.

Geek Fam Finally Stopped

Geek Fam 2-1 Todak (Day 1)

Against the underperforming Todak, GF was able to take control of Game 1’s momentum as Todak’s Cikuuuu died numerous times due to bad positioning.

While he did improve in Game 2, it wasn’t enough. In Game 3, Feekz showcased his Hayabusa skills to split-push and deal heavy damage, which gave Geek Fam a solid win.

Resurgence 2-0 Geek Fam (Day 3)

Geek Fam’s team drafted around the late game (Karrie, Natalia) whereas RSG went for an early win with Kimmy and Jawhead. Their early game pressure propelled SynC’s Kimmy to out-carry Feekz’s Karrie.

Game 2 went the opposite way initially, with Geek Fam snowballing as they pushed towards the late game. Still, RSG didn’t give in. One teamfight was all it took for GF to get caught and wiped out. Credit goes to the whole of RSG for protecting Ly4’s Karrie, allowing him to ravage the Malaysian giants.

Resurgence Surges Forward

Bosskurr 1-2 Resurgence (Day 2)

In Game 1, Leixia (Karrie), Zaraki (X.Borg), and 2ez4Jepv (Khufra) were invaluable, with Jepv, in particular, pulling off a perfect AoE stun to win the game.

Unfortunately for Bosskurr, RSG came back in Game 2. Their early aggression, combined with pickoffs by Ly4Ly4Ly4 (8/0/5 on Claude), was able to secure a quick 9-minute win for RSG.

Their momentum carried over into Game 3, with a 10-0 score in RSG’s favour by 10 minutes. Despite Bosskurr stalling the game in hopes of a Leixia-inspired comeback, RSG ultimately won.

EVOS’ Victories & An Unexpected Loss

EVOS SG 2-0 Axis Esports (Day 2)

EVOS SG set a record for winning the longest game this season.26 minutes into Game 1, both teams were in a stalemate around Lord, neither side willing to commit to a fight. After a lot of half-hearted initiations from both sides, EVOS was able to secure Lord to win at 35 minutes!

As for Game 2, EVOS applied early pressure which proved effective. Fossa’s Granger had a 7/0/3 KDA which enabled them to crush Axis quickly.

EVOS SG 2-0 Notorious Villains (Day 3)

NV displayed a lack of coordination, getting caught out of position and losing members for no good reason. By the time OhDeerBambi was level 13, XIAN was only at level 8. At one point, Kolia (tank Akai) couldn’t even jump in to engage without instantly dying. Naturally, with OhDeerBambi’s Karrie sitting on a 13/1/3 KDA, EVOS won easily.

Game 2 went the same way with another Bambi stomp on Hayabusa (9/1/3), where the score was 13-5 by 8 minutes.

Bosskurr 2-1 EVOS SG (Day 3)

In an upset by Bosskurr, EVOS lost their recent winning streak. The defending champions started out fine in Game 1, and Fossa (7/0/2 by 8 minutes) was leading his team in destroying all of Bosskurr’s towers bar one by 10 minutes. It was an easy win.

Games 2 and 3 swung in Bosskurr’s favour though, with the Malaysians piling on the early aggression to outpace EVOS. In particular, EVOS made a mistake of not drafting a proper frontliner for Game 3, which made their teamfights compositions weak.

Axis and Todak remain mediocre

Todak 2-1 Siren Clan (Day 2)

After losing to GF on Day 1, Todak redeemed themselves by taking down Siren Clan. Game 1 saw Todak pulling ahead early, with Cikuuuu securing 6 kills by 6 minutes. At 12 minutes, the gold difference was 12k, and Siren was unable to stop Todak from steamrolling them.

In Game 2, the fact that Siren drafted a Marksman while Todak had none, was the deciding factor in Siren’s late-game win. Todak played aggressively in Game 3 which Siren couldn’t handle. Babayaga could barely farm, and the team suffered the heaviest defeat of the Regular Season 1-28.

Team SMG 2-0 Axis Esports (Day 1)

Axis suffered a painful winless weekend. Game 1 against Team SMG saw a lot of pressure on Rynn’s Karrie to stop him coming online. Having lost the lead, Axis was unable to catch up.

The same happened in Game 2, where Axis’ Loong (Selena) kept getting caught and had suffered 5 deaths by the 10th minute!

Once again, Smooth demonstrated his skills on Granger (6/0/7 KDA), while Raisyaa also played a vital role as Pharsa.

SMG: Is Smooth a Crutch?

SMG 0-2 Resurgence (Day 2)

Having said that, SMG’s overreliance on Smooth as a carry may also be their undoing. He performed well initially in Game 1 versus RSG, taking two kills in a tower dive before the 1-minute mark. SMG was able to secure a big lead, but RSG slowly clawed their way back into the game. Kayzeepi’s Grock played a notable role in disrupting SMG and ended the game with an impressive 6/2/9 KDA.

Game 2 saw a single teamfight sealing SMG’s fate. Ly4Ly4Ly4 killed off Smooth and secured a monster kill to wipe out SMG, allowing his team to push and win under 11 minutes.

SMG 1-2 Siren Clan (Day 3)

This downward trend continued against the struggling Siren Clan. While SMG dominated Game 1, Siren foiled them in Game 2 with a split push thanks to Ambuste’s Chou. SMG won the subsequent fight around Lord but were forced to recall and concede it to Siren. Naturally, Siren took the advantage to seal the game.

With Babayaga carrying Game 3 (KDA 4/0/5), Siren took advantage of SMG’s lack of coordination to pick them off one-by-one to seal the series.

Stay tuned to week 5 of the MPL-MY/SG Regular Season which takes place on 16 – 19 April. For more information on the tournament or to watch the Regular Season matches live, be sure to follow the MLBB Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsGameMalaysia/ or the MPL-MY/SG S5 website at http://mysg-s5.mpl.mobilelegends.com/. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is also free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.