These three teams are in no danger of losing their upper bracket spots, as the minimum score to beat is 11 points, which only one other team (Orange Esports) is capable of achieving, assuming a 3-0 score for each of their 4 games.

Still, the Week 5 outcomes for these top achievers will determine their matchups, so they may want to try harder (or slack off) if they’re aiming for specific opponents.

Resurgence vs Notorious Villains

Resurgence is basically untouchable at #1. They’ve demonstrated incredible teamwork and discipline this season, a step up from their previous performance, and haven’t lost a single match!

While the stakes may be low for RSG, NV has to take it more seriously. Currently at the bottom of the standings with -7 points, Kolia’s team still has the chance to climb with 3 games lined up. They definitely won’t be landing in the upper bracket, but that’s at least better than elimination if they don’t try at all.

Resurgence vs Axis Esports

Axis Esports, former Season 2 champions, have been very disappointing this season. With -5 points and two games to go, they’re staring down a potential elimination. Given how disorganized the team seems to be, this match against the well-oiled machine that is RSG might end badly.

Resurgence vs EVOS SG

While EVOS hasn’t been up to their usual standard this season, the tigers are still a powerhouse team. It’s unlikely that EVOS will dethrone RSG points-wise, since this is EVOS’ only match, so the lower stakes mean both teams are free to experiment and pull out unconventional strategies.

Orange Esports Reborn vs Geek Fam

In Week 4, Geek Fam’s streak was finally broken, dropping them from #1 to #3. Still, compared to last season, GF has definitely gotten their act together with only 1 match lost. On the other hand, OE showed promise early on with the former Saiyan Reborn captain Silo leading them, but couldn’t deliver on that potential. OE’s not at risk of elimination, but they definitely want to secure 4th place and the upper bracket, so it’ll be an uphill climb.

Geek Fam vs Notorious Villains

It looks to be another free win for GF, given their level of play right now compared to NV. With all these tough matches, is it the end for the Villains?

May the 4th Place Be with You

The mountain peak may be secure, but 4th place will see rather fierce competition, with SMG, Orange Esports Reborn, and Bosskurr neck-to-neck in current points. SMG’s at a disadvantage, with only one game remaining (maximum 3 points) while OER has four (maximum 11 points) and Bosskurr three (maximum 7 points). None of them will be facing each other directly though, except for…

Orange Esports Reborn vs Bosskurr

OER, as mentioned, started out well but went downhill afterwards. On the other hand, Bosskurr hasn’t been performing well either, but they’re capable of pulling off unexpected wins like in Week 4 versus EVOS SG, especially with Feekz carrying.

The Bottom Four

Axis Esports vs Todak

While Todak has been a disappointment this season considering their past performance (2nd place in S4, 3rd at M1), demonstrating poor coordination, Axis isn’t faring much better. Still, the stakes are high for Axis. With only two matches, one of which they’re unlikely to win against RSG, Axis needs to win big here or risk elimination.

Todak has more chances to redeem themselves, since their other matches (OER and SMG) are relatively easier, though they can’t slack off either.

SMG vs Todak

SMG’s only match of the week will see them going up against Todak. While Todak may not seem to be a challenging opponent now, SMG can’t afford to let their guard down if they want to have a shot at the upper bracket.

Bosskurr vs Notorious Villains

This match is a welcome break for NV in their gauntlet of tough opponents. Still, even if they’re able to win, it may not be enough to escape elimination. Bosskurr will undoubtedly fight hard as well, to bolster their points to enter the upper bracket.

Bosskurr vs Siren Clan

Siren Clan has been performing terribly, though it’s somewhat more excusable given that the members are mostly new players. Judging by their score (-6 points), there’s a very high chance they’ll be one of the teams sent home. Babayaga has shown potential as a marksman, but the team needs to gain more experience and train their teamwork. The match should be quite easy for Bosskurr.

Orange Esports Reborn vs Siren Clan

OE shouldn’t let this opportunity to score easy points go. They’ll definitely need every point they can get to race Bosskurr and SMG.

Comparing their performance, while it’s true OE has been underperforming, they still have a 6-7 win-loss ratio compared to Siren’s 5-11. Siren’s games tend to be one-sided stomps, while OE is capable of holding out.

Todak vs Orange Esports Reborn

Against Todak (6-10 W/L), it’s much of the same situation. It shouldn’t be too hard for OE. Still, the safety of the upper bracket is a big draw, since it basically gives a losing team one extra chance before elimination. Todak’s odds of getting in there are lower, but regardless, they still need to win and avoid a humiliating exit.