Week 5 of the Regular Season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Season 5 (MPL-MY/SG S5), with Yoodo as its official digital telco, ended with Resurgence, Geek Fam, EVOS SG and Team Bosskurr advancing into the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs, whereas the journey of both Siren Clan and Notorious Villains have ended. 

Resurgence Stand Tall at #1

Resurgence 2-0 Notorious Villains

The match was one-sided, and despite a few mistakes from RSG, including overextending, they ended the game with a 3-30 score at 13 minutes. It was a similar affair in Game 2, where RSG won 27-9 by 12 minutes.

Resurgence 1-2 EVOS SG

This was RSG’s only match lost for the entire Regular Season. EVOS had the early-mid game advantage in Game 1, so they had to end fast. They did so by demonstrating disciplined play and knowledge of their strengths.

RSG came back in Game 2, but the affair became a 30-minute slugfest which RSG finally won by taking Lord. Game 3 was a repeat of Game 1, with EVOS taking the lead through good fights and trying to end the game early. By 12 minutes, they successfully pushed into RSG’s base and won.

Geek Fam, Still Dominant

Orange Esports Reborn 0-2 Geek Fam

5 minutes into Game 1, Geek Fam had taken the lead. OE lacked damage, and were unable to get close to GF due to Dominus’ Valir.

Game 2 was the same. With Dominus (Nana, 6/1/8 KDA) and Feekz (Bruno, 7/0/3 KDA) leading the charge, winning the match 2-0.

Team Bosskurr Secures Upper Bracket Spot 

Orange Esports Reborn 1-2 Team Bosskurr

Bosskurr had an early lead in Game 1 but couldn’t capitalise on it. The momentum swung back and forth between both teams, but slightly favouring OE. OE took Game 1 thanks to Mal’s Bruno.

Leixia, playing Karrie (8/1/7 KDA) in Game 2, was able to propel his team forward. Going even with OE for Game 3, one bad teamfight gave Bosskurr a morale-boosting win.

Team Bosskurr 2-0 Notorious Villains

NV had already lost in the draft, with Bosskurr counter-picking NV’s Karrie with Uranus and Esmeralda.

For Game 2, the odds seemed to initially favour NV as Bosskurr had trouble dealing enough damage. But bad decision-making from NV allowed them to get caught, which handed the win to Bosskurr.

Todak: A Cornered Man Fights Hardest

Todak 2-0 Axis Esports

Axis seemed rather disorganised. Todak gained the lead in game 1 with Cikuuuu’s Roger (13/2/3) and Moonnnn’s Carmilla (3/2/11).

Game 2 saw Axis leading early, but Todak evened the score. As in Game 1, Axis kept engaging in fights without the whole team. Todak, of course, took advantage of this to snowball out of control.

SMG 1-2 Todak

Despite SMG’s hyper-aggression in Game 1, Todak turned the tables. Notably, they were seen “freezing” minion waves. It’s not a new tactic, but one we don’t often see.

Game 2 was the opposite. A Wipe Out at 3 minutes was the start of Todak’s troubles, and SMG demolished them. Fortunately, Cikuuuu was able to draft Ling again in Game 3, and went wild, with a final KDA of 4/1/13.

Todak 1-2 Orange Esports

Even with a late game team composition, Todak was already dominating early in Game 1. Moonnnnn’s Cecilion was the MVP with a 4/0/15 KDA. OE played on Todak’s inexperience in the current meta in Game 2, banning Cecilion. Moonnnn was forced to play Carmilla, and he couldn’t use her well which hampered his team.

Game 3 was very close, with both teams having an equal chance of winning. Still, Silo’s Jawhead was instrumental in helping OE win by catching enemies and saving teammates.

Axis Esports Barely Make it Into Playoffs

Axis Esports 0-2 Resurgence

History repeats itself for Axis Esports. Game 1 saw both teams playing methodically. Unfortunately, RSG was just better and ly4ly4ly4’s Karrie (4/1/3) swept them to victory.

Game 2 was the opposite. RSG kept pressuring Axis early on and taking objectives, ending the game with one good fight inside Axis’ base.

Villains and Sirens, Vanquished

Geek Fam 2-0 Notorious Villains

Under pressure from early in Game 1, NV tried their best to survive, but GF easily snowballed out of control. Game 2 was even, but then NV made a fatal mistake which allowed OZORAVEKI to split-push and win while they were distracted at Lord.

Orange Esports Reborn 2-1 Siren Clan

Siren tried their best this season, but inexperience was their downfall. Game 1 seemed in favour of OE, but Siren had a backup plan. Ambuste (Esmeralda, 14/1/4) was able to farm up and demolished OE.

However, they couldn’t keep up the momentum. Game 2 saw OE out-drafting them, while Game 3’s early game was dominated by OE. Eren’s Cecilion was the MVP with a 2/1/8 KDA.

Team Bosskurr 2-0 Siren Clan

Siren’s final match saw Bosskurr playing aggressively in Game 1, forcing Siren to be passive. With clean gameplay, Bosskurr made good pick-offs to win.

Siren tried fighting back in game 2 by taking objectives and stealing Lord. It wasn’t enough though, and Bosskurr stole the 2nd Lord to win.

The MPL-MY/SG Playoffs will take place on 1 – 3 May in a purely-online format. 

Catch the tournament live on the MLBB Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsGameMalaysia/. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is also free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.