The Fall of Axis Esports

Axis Esports 0-2 Orange Esports

From Game 1, it was apparent that OE had better teamwork and communication. Even when falling behind due to silly mistakes (like mispositioning), they were able to salvage the situation thanks to Silo’s leadership. With Mal’s split-pushing and Cakbu’s Lord steal, OE closed the game on a high note.

Axis took the lead early in Game 2 with a few kills, but OE still managed to hold on. Then at 7 minutes, it all went wrong for Axis. A disastrous teamfight allowed OE to take control, and they kept pressing the advantage from there to take towers. With OE snowballing out of control, Axis couldn’t even touch them, and were eliminated.

SMG, Gunned Down

SMG 0-2 Todak

SMG had a strong early game advantage in Game 1, taking 3 kills in quick succession, then picking up even more shortly after. Todak slowly fought back and took SMG’s towers. Eventually, with the kill advantage evened out, Todak took Lord for the win. Eoneeeee’s Atlas was particularly useful as a playmaker, frequently catching out members of Todak.

SMG’s lack of coordination continued to show itself in Game 2, where Todak easily overwhelmed them and took all Tier 2 turrets by 7 minutes. SMG tried their best to stall the game, but it just wasn’t enough.

Resurgence Continues Dominating

Resurgence 2-1 Bosskurr

The match between these long-time rivals was incredibly intense. Game 1 saw both teams going even early on. Eventually, RSG was able to build their gold lead and snowball. Hitting his power spike, ly4ly4ly4’s Karrie beaome a force of nature that singlehandedly carried the game.

Game 2 saw Bosskurr leading early, but RSG managed to wrest it from the Malaysians. Bosskurr refused to give up, and the game devolved into a stalemate. Even with Ly4’s usual top-tier performance, RSG couldn’t deal with Zaraki’s Natalia very well. One late-game backdoor from Zaraki gave Bosskurr the win while RSG was distracted at Lord.

Bosskurr carried that momentum over to Game 3, where an early lead allowed them to take most of RSG’s towers. Still, one good fight by RSG was enough to turn things around. Bosskurr tried in vain to regain their advantage, but RSG couldn’t be stopped anymore.

EVOS SG: Out of Form?

EVOS SG 0-2 Geek Fam

For some reason, in their Upper Bracket match versus Geek Fam, EVOS seemed uncharacteristically disorganised and sloppy.

Geek Fam started out Game 1 by bullying EVOS, setting the tone for the rest of their match. EVOS’ players could barely farm or even open up the map, with Xorn on Chou constantly waiting to pounce on anyone who dared to venture out of the base.

Game 2 saw much of the same, where EVOS presented the same indecisive gameplay. With GF constantly roaming the map, picking off players and objectives, the Malaysian squad built up a huge gold lead. Even when EVOS did manage to catch them, they could easily escape or tank the damage. Without any way to turn things around, EVOS fell 0-2.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second day of the MPL-MY/SG Season 5 Playoffs. You can catch the matches live on the MLBB Facebook page.