Orange Esports Reborn, Titan Slayers

Team Bosskurr 1-2 Orange Esports Reborn

Yet again, Bosskurr’s run in the Playoffs has ended early.

They started off well in Game 1. Bosskurr managed to consistently punish OE’s mistake of overcommitting and took the lead, pushing right into OE’s base to win.

In Game 2, though, the tides turned. OE was able to gain a lead in gold and objectives despite an early stalemate. Mal played a big role in split-pushing to take down Bosskurr’s towers.

Game 3 was similar. OE barely engaged in fights and committed to taking objectives, which hampered Bosskurr’s gameplan of forcing engages. Notably, OE had only 4 kills by the time they started pushing into Bosskurr’s base.

EVOS SG 0-2 Orange Esports

Orange Esports continued their winning streak with another upset against EVOS SG. In both games, Eren’s Ling played a big role as a slippery assassin who assassinated key targets. Game 1 saw OE pressuring Fossa nonstop to prevent him farming, and this meant EVOS was powerless to stop the snowball from Eren, despite their own efforts to steal OE’s buffs away.

In Game 2, EVOS took an early lead, though not without resistance from OE. While Fossa (Selena) and Soul (Chou) played their roles as assassins well, ultimately OE was able to outmanoeuvre them.

EVOS mounted a desperate defense, which worked for a while, but then one good fight near Lord was enough for OE to take them out and win.

Goodbye Todak

Todak 1-2 EVOS SG

In a rehash of Season 4’s finals, Todak once again fell to EVOS SG. EVOS took the lead in Game 1, despite Todak trying hard to slow things down. One bad engage from Todak was all it took for Ohdeerbambi to wipe them and snowball out of control, ending the game with a 15/0/7 KDA.

Todak fought back in Game 2, and dragged the game out to nearly 30 minutes. With both sides showcasing good teamfight and macro skills, it became a stalemate, one which EVOS tried hard to break. After a few failed attempts at destroying Todak’s Crystal, Todak was finally able to turn things around and push to win.

Game 3 saw Todak’s luck running out. EVOS put their foot on the pedal and went all-out in aggression, with 5 kills by 3 minutes. Overwhelmed, Todak was unable to react and fell easily in 7 minutes.

Geek Fam Advances, RSG Falls Down

In a shocking 2-0 defeat of RSG, Geek cemented their reputation as the Singapore Slayers after Day 1’s defeat of EVOS SG.

Beginning from Game 1’s draft, where GF specifically countered Jason’s Natalia with Aurora, RSG struggled to make a meaningful impact. With the amount of crowd control on GF’s side, RSG could barely engage on them. Getting caught out one final time, RSG fell. Credit to RSG (ly4ly4ly4 in particular) though, they tried their best to comeback and nearly did a few times.

It was no better in Game 2, with the Xorn (Atlas) and Dominus (Pharsa) combo pulling off crazy plays, catching RSG out despite RSG’s early kill lead. RSG crumbled without even getting to fight back.